What's good for you is often good for the environment.

Eating healthy and locally-sourced food, getting outside to exercise and appreciate natural spaces, and even staying mindful and present in the moment are all part of maintaining a harmonious, mutually-beneficial relationship between ourselves and our natural environment.

Be inspired to live more sustainably. 记住这些问题:

  •     我真的需要这个吗?
  •     Can I borrow this instead, or find it used?
  •     它是从多远的地方来的?
  •     Could this be done or created with less waste?
  •     Is there a lower energy way of doing this?
  •     Could this item and/or its packaging be recycled?

There are many resources both on campus and around Austin to help you live well. Explore below for more information and inspiration. 



Bon app产品

祝你有个好胃口圣何塞的食品服务提供商. 365比分网电竞, offers delicious and convenient food, while practicing social responsibility, aligning with the university's commitment to sustainability. 在许多餐饮活动中, "Why Buy Local" underpins the "Eat Local Challenge," which is held every year on campus.


You can find a farmers' market in Austin on pretty much any day of the week. They offer produce, meat, dry goods, even crafts and housewares from local farmers and artists. Type "Austin farmers' markets" into Google to find one near you.

Sustainable Food Center Cooking Classes

可持续食品中心 here in Austin offers public cooking classes on everything from knife skills, 到家庭屠宰, 用香草烹饪. Sharpening your cooking skills can turn you into a more creative and efficient cook, allowing you to make the most of local ingredients. 看一下 Sustainable Food Center class schedule.



St. 爱德华的校园娱乐 offers a plethora of activities and programs to help you stay active and healthy on campus and beyond. Take a yoga or kickboxing class through their X组健身计划, or head out on a camping adventure to one of Texas' national or state parks with the 户外探险项目. 你甚至可以 租用露营设备 from 校园娱乐 to blaze your own trails.

精神 & 情绪健康


The EAP provides valuable services at no cost to employees and their families in the form of short-term 咨询 and legal and financial consultations. 联系 人力资源 for more information on this staff and faculty benefit.

健康 & 咨询中心

The 肝细胞癌 provides high quality integrated health, 咨询, and wellness services to support our diverse student population in achieving their highest potential. 了解更多关于 肝细胞癌 以及他们能为你做什么.


Volunteerism is good for your soul and can be good for the environment. 值得庆幸的是, Austin has countless volunteer opportunities, many of which are directly related to environmental causes! Head to Google to find your perfect fit.


校园部 "seeks to be a welcoming presence within the community of St. 365比分网电竞. While our Catholic character informs our role as educators in the faith, we minister to and with peoples of all faiths. Through the formation of heart and mind, 在圣十字传统中, we hope to catalyze both personal and communal transformation. Such transformation invites all people into right relationship with self, others and God. These relationships are expressed through spirituality, service and social justice."